BEX and THE DISAPPOINTMENT is an amazing new indie rock band from Toronto featuring Rebecca “Bex” Grainger's powerful and emotional vocals reminiscent of solid jazz/pop/rock with influences by Stevie Nicks, Duran Duran, Foo Fighters, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and anything 80s. Rohnny Kosan brings his chewy riffs to the guitar, mixed with a dash of heavy bass groves from Pam Sloan, spread on top of succulent beats from Chris Moleirinho on drums to make a rock entree worth serving to the most emaciated ears. They’re in the process of recording their first EP which should be completed in the spring of this year.


Vocals / Rebecca "Bex" Grainger
 Guitar / Rohnny Kosan
 Bass / Pam Sloan
Drums / Chris Moleirinho